Truck Repair

SKYLINER Truck Center is the best in the business
SKYLINER Truck Center

Fair pricing and continued investment in capital equipment and employee training are the keys to STC's success.

STC technicians are the best in the business. Their experience in maintaining and repairing the engine, transmission, repairing or replacing the air conditioner, and all the complex systems of a modern truck - work that goes far beyond changing the oil - forms the basis of the service. There are no compromises on accuracy and safety.

STC maintains a thorough record of every car serviced. Compliance with DOT regulations can always be documented. This is a valuable guarantee for each operator and a necessary service in case of D.O.T. audit.

Satisfied truck owners from across the state and nationwide offer irrefutable proof of the scope and consistency of truck services available at Garden Spot Frame & Alignment Garages. STC consistently outperforms and outperforms the competition. If the valve cover comes off the engine, knowledgeable customers want the STC to work.
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